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Prevent and Protect series

The Prevent & Protect publication series focuses on the creation of different material formats to resonate with various audiences and ways to maximize efficacy in communicating about mosquito-related risks and mosquito control topics to the public.

Container Mosquito Habitat Community Cleanup: A How-To Guide for Event Organization

IN1286/ENY-2047 by Amy Hallock, Eva A. Buckner, Ricky W. Telg, and Alena R. PoulinDecember 8th, 2020

Understanding Public Perceptions of Mosquito-Related Information Sources and Adapting Research Findings to the Needs of Industry Professionals

WC358/AEC695 by Shelli Rampold, Ricky Telg, Alena Poulin, Sandra Anderson, Angela B. Lindsey, Ashley McLeod-Morin, and Phillip StokesMay 28th, 2020

Using Social Media to Communicate about Mosquito Control

WC363/AEC700 by Ashley Mcleod-Morin, Ricky Telg, Phillip Stokes, Alena Poulin, Shelli Rampold, Angela B. Lindsey, and Sandra AndersonAugust 19th, 2020