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Fall Armyworms, Cutworms, and Grass Loopers (Lawn pests)

Fall armyworms, cutworms, and grass loopers are brown to greenish in color and have stripes along their sides. Fall armyworms and grass loopers may be present during the spring, summer or fall. Moths lay eggs on grass or almost any object near lawns, which hatch within 2 weeks. Fall armyworm damage is often scattered and not confined to patches. Populations of fall armyworms and other lawn caterpillars often feed at the same time in the same location. Fall armyworms and loopers feed during the day and do not rest in a curled position. Cutworm caterpillars usually dig a burrow in the ground or thatch (or use an aeration hole) and emerge at night to chew off grass blades and shoots.This damage may appear as circular spots of dead grass or depressed spots that look like ball marks on golf greens.

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