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Water Use and Irrigation Management of Agronomic Crops

AA131/SS-AGR-155by D. L. Wright, D. Rowland, and Sudeep SidhuJanuary 20, 2022A UF/IFAS numbered Fact Sheet for Commercial audience(s). in support of UF/IFAS Extension program: Plant Systems

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New Insect and Mite Control Guide for Florida Cotton Growers

jef1September 8th, 2017Joe Funderburk, Professor of Entomology, NFREC Quincy A UF/IFAS EDIS fact sheet is now available entitled “Insect and Mite Integrated Pest Management in Florida Cotton” by Joe Funderburk, Nicole Casuso, Norman Leppla, and Michael Donahue. The guide provides growers with up-to-date information on scouting and managing insects and mites in their fields. The guide contains […]

Can I Get Some of That? If You Want to try New Peanut Varieties Ask Now

btillmanMarch 3rd, 2017When I was young, Sunday mornings consisted of getting ready for church, eating breakfast together as a family, and making the 30 to 45 minute ride to church, which seemed to take forever. Breakfast was hot baked cinnamon rolls and a big glass of milk. This was a highlight of the week for us kids. […]

The Peanut Burrower Bug – an Emerging Pest in Peanuts

February 17th, 2017Xavier Martini, David Wright, UF/IFAS North Florida Research and Education Center Burrower bugs are small Heteroptera insects with piercing/sucking mouthparts (Figure 1). There are six different species of burrower bugs that have been found to feed on peanuts. Among them, three are found in Georgia and Florida, but most of the damage has been attributed […]

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