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Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ Pattern Book: Sample plant lists and designs for four Florida regions: USDA Hardiness Zones 10A, 10B, and 11, South Florida1

Gail Hansen, Kelly Perez, and Esen Momol 2

The Florida-Friendly landscape pattern books provide homeowners with design guidelines and suggested plants for typical residential site conditions in four USDA Hardiness Zones in Florida, including North Florida, North Central Florida, South Central Florida, and South Florida. Example planting plans illustrate optional plant layouts for areas such as front entries and patios, under windows and trees, and along fences and walls. Design tip sheets include photos of typical plant problems for each area and a list of the desired plant characteristics to help solve the problem. The tip sheets also offer ideas for selecting plants and locating them for improved function and maintenance. Plant tables for each area provide a list of additional plants with the same characteristics that will also help with the maintenance, function, and aesthetic concerns of that area. The books also include references for additional information on residential landscapes.

To view the pattern book for USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 10A, 10B, and 11, please select "Download PDF" in the upper left corner of this page.


1. This document is ENH1178, one of a series of the Department of Environmental Horticulture, UF/IFAS Extension. Original publication date April 2011. Revised April 2014. Reviewed April 2020. Visit the EDIS website at
2. Gail Hansen, assistant professor, Environmental Horticulture Department; Kelly Perez, Landscape Architecture; and Esen Momol, director, Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ Program; UF/IFAS Extension, Gainesville, FL 32611.

Publication #ENH1178

Date: 10/18/2020

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