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Making Money with 4-H – Financial Literacy

Kristie PopaMarch 31st, 2024Welcome to Financial Literacy Month with 4-H! As we celebrate this important month, we’re excited to share valuable insights on managing money and maximizing earnings through your participation in 4-H, especially as many of our youth will soon be receiving premium money and fair sale checks from their recent fair participation. Understanding Your Earnings: – […]

Showing Appreciation for Support – Writing a Thank You Note

Kristie PopaMarch 30th, 2024Congratulations on your successful fair participation! As you prepare to receive premium money, fair sale checks, and additional support from add-ons, it’s essential to express gratitude to those who have contributed to your 4-H journey. Here are some tips for writing thoughtful thank-you notes: Personalize Each Note: – Take the time to personalize each thank-you […]

Making a Meaningful Gesture of Appreciation – Presenting Your Buyer’s Plaque

Kristie PopaMarch 29th, 2024Congratulations on the successful sale of your 4-H animal! As you prepare to express gratitude to the buyer with a buyer’s plaque, it’s important to ensure that your presentation is thoughtful and meaningful. Here are some guidelines for presenting a buyer’s plaque in a proper and respectful manner: Plan Ahead: – Take time to plan […]

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