The Florida 4-H Officer's Handbook1

Tracy Tesdall and Judith Levings 2

The duties and responsibilities of the club officers' are outlined in this helpful guide.

Officer's Training Handbook (4H GCM 10) is 4-H club material for ages 8 and up.

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  • The President

  • The Vice President

  • The Secretary

  • The Treasurer

  • The Reporter

  • The Seargeant-at-Arms--The Historian--The Parliamentarian

  • 4-H Club Meeting Checklist

  • Club Performance Recognition


1. This document is 4HGCM10, one of a series of the Department of Family, Youth and Community Sciences, UF/IFAS Extension. Original publication date September 2000. Revised November 2009 and September 2014. Reviewed January 2018. Visit the EDIS website at
2. The Florida 4-H Officer's Handbook was revised in 2009 by Joy Jordan, former associate professor and 4-H youth development specialist; Bryan Terry, assistant professor and 4-H volunteer specialist; Dale Pracht, associate professor, community-based organizational systems in 4-H youth development, Department of Family Youth and Community Sciences, and Judy Butterfield, former regional specialized agent; and Adam Estes, Escambia County, 2008-09 State 4-H Sergeant-At-Arms; UF/IFAS Extension 4-H Youth Development Program, Gainesville FL, 32611. Revised September 2014 by Tracy Tesdall, regional specialized 4-H Extension agent II, South District; Judith Levings, state 4-H educational design specialist; Ali Baker, state 4-H resource development coordinator; Sarah Hensley, regional specialized 4-H Extension agent II, Central District; and Stacey Ellison, regional specialized 4-H agent II, North East District; UF/IFAS Extension 4-H Youth Development Program, Gainesville FL, 32611.

Publication #4HGCM10

Date: 2018-02-04
Levings, Judith
Hensley, Sarah
Ellison, Stacey
4-H Youth Development

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