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2023 JAMAS! Class – Learn about the Amazing Avocado

Jessica M. RyalsAugust 30th, 2023Holy guacamole! Avocados are coming into harvest this time of the year in SWFL and there are many opportunities to try the delicious Florida avocado around town.  Avocados, Persea americana Miller, are indigenous to Mexico, Central American and parts of South America and are grown in tropical and subtropical areas of the world. Many consumers […]

Mango Morning: Pruning Mango Trees

Jessica M. RyalsJuly 27th, 2023This year’s UF/IFAS Extension Collier County Annual Mango Morning class partnered with the Florida Forest Service to teach participants how to properly plant and prune mango trees. After an indoor lecture, we took 50 class participants into the Collier Extension Fruit Grove to pick up some tools and try out the techniques for themselves. When […]

UF/IFAS professor emeritus and conservationist part of team that shows rare Ghost Orchid at prestigious Chelsea Flower Show

Brad BuckMay 10th, 2023The rare Ghost Orchid might be known to the public through the book, “The Orchid Thief” and the 2002 Meryl Streep movie, “Adaptation.” But plant enthusiasts and conservationists know about this leafless plant because it resembles a ghost when its white flower moves at night. Scientists estimate 2,000 Ghost Orchids live in Southwest Florida and […]

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