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Native Species

Species that are native or naturally belonging to a particular geographic area or environment. Note: In the context of Ask IFAS, "native" is typical understood to mean "native to Florida".  

South Florida

Topics of interest to South Florida.


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Blossoming Boundaries: Navigating Nature’s Shifts in Putnam County’s Plant Hardiness Zones

Julio PerezDecember 7th, 2023November brought several changes. We experienced cooler weather, adjusted our clocks, and entered the holiday season. Another notable change could impact our gardening choices. The USDA recently updated the Plant Hardiness Zone Map, revealing a shift for parts of Putnam County. What is the Plant Hardiness Zone Map? The Plant Hardiness Zone Map uses data […]

Disfrute de alimentos cultivados en Florida durante el Día de Acción de Gracias y el resto de las festividades

Luz BahderNovember 17th, 2023Creado por Brad Buck, sénior especialista en relaciones públicas de UF/IFAS. Cuando esté disfrutando de la cena del Día de Acción de Gracias, independientemente de su cultura, recuerde que gran parte de sus alimentos fueron cultivados aquí mismo en Florida, dicen los expertos de UF/IFAS. Estos alimentos incluyen maíz, papas, calabazas, batatas (también conocida como […]

Food Labeling

Brenda Marty-JimenezNovember 1st, 2023Nutrition labels are very valuable because what you eat and put into your body is important. People need to be informed and control what they eat for both meals and snacks. One of the best ways to do this is to read food labels. MyPlate is also a great tool created to help us eat […]

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