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Native Species

Species that are native or naturally belonging to a particular geographic area or environment. Note: In the context of Ask IFAS, "native" is typical understood to mean "native to Florida".  

South Florida

Topics of interest to South Florida.


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Native Florida Flowers for Native Pollinators

Abigail PayneMay 24th, 2024Florida’s diverse ecosystem is home to a variety of native plants that provide resources for local pollinators. Native flowers are not only a beautiful addition to any garden but also play a crucial role in maintaining the health of our environment. Planting native species supports the delicate balance of local ecosystems and promotes the survival […]

Florida Native Groundcovers for Shade

Tia SilvasyMay 21st, 2024Do you have that difficult area under a tree where nothing can grow? Groundcovers are a great solution for this tough spots in the landscape. Here are some plant recommendations for Florida native plants that grow well in the shade. Alternative Lawns for ShadeIf you are looking for a very low ground cover that could […]

How to Maintain Atala Butterflies in Your Garden Year-Round, Third Blog

Vilma ValdesMay 17th, 2024In-A-Pinch Preventative Measures The Other Cycads: In my early years of Atala butterfly gardening I would panic during their peak caterpillar munching phase. Fearing I would run out of coonties, I planted other cycads to alleviate the strain on them. Of the many cycad species, the Atalas also lay eggs on the Zamia fischeri, native […]

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