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Cultivating a Food Forest in Your Yard

David AustinMay 29th, 2024To grow your food is to know your food Step outside your door and gather the ingredients for a salad or pick some fruit for breakfast. It wasn’t so long ago that people lived that way and grew much of what they ate. With the convenience of grocery stores, we probably won’t go back to […]

Awareness and Preparation: Avoiding Potential Scams When Buying or Selling Cattle Online

Kalan RoyalJanuary 4th, 2024In a world dominated by technology many producers have taken advantage of using the internet for buying and marketing cattle. While the internet can serve as a great tool to reach a broader audience of potential customers, there is an added risk when selling online that many are unaware of. Scam artists have begun infiltrating […]

Navigating the Thistle Lifecycle: Strategies for Effective Thistle Management in Pastures

Kalan RoyalDecember 13th, 2023Thistles are a common weed found in pastures throughout South Florida that can have an economic impact on your cattle operation through loss of grazing and reduced forage production which can lead to reduced weaning weights. Thistles are biennials, which means plants grow from seed in the first year and produce seeds the second year. […]

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