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Proper Planting: Trees and Shrubs

Anne YasalonisNovember 16th, 2023Trees and shrubs can be purchased in many sizes, most are no smaller than a one gallon size, and many go up to 7 gallon (or larger). Because of both size at planting and maturity, cost of plants, and large root spread, planning for proper placement before planning is important. 1. Always call before you […]

Proper Planting: Annuals and Perennials

Anne YasalonisNovember 1st, 2023Proper planting ensures a good start to a healthy landscape. The following guidelines for installing plants apply for sandy, well-drained soils. Annuals and Perennials Annuals and perennials are typically small (4”) to one gallon sized pots and last at least one season. Examine plants prior to purchasing. Check for signs of disease or insects. Check […]

Let’s Get Florida-Friendly Polk County!

Julie SchelbOctober 27th, 2023What’s the big deal? As one of the fastest growing counties in Florida, Polk County, it’s time to get serious and get Florida-Friendly! With so much development and population growth our natural resources, including our water resources, are strained. What is Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ and how can it help? Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ is a program offered through […]

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