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2023–2024 Florida Citrus Production Guide: Useful Websites and Mobile Apps

CG0100/CG0100 by Jamie D. Burrow, Chris Oswalt, Mongi Zekri, Ajia M. Paolillo, and Matthew SmithAugust 16th, 20232023–2024 Florida Citrus Production Guide

Computer Tools for Diagnosing Citrus Leaf Symptoms (Part 2): Smartphone Apps for Expert Diagnosis of Citrus Leaf Symptoms

SS691/SL478 by Arnold Schumann, Laura Waldo, Perseveranca Mungofa, and Chris OswaltAugust 21st, 2023A UF/IFAS numbered peer reviewed Fact Sheet. in support of UF/IFAS Extension program: Plant Systems

Smart Strawberry Advisory System for Mobile Devices

AE516/AE516 by Clyde W. Fraisse, Natalia Peres, and José Henrique AndreisFebruary 7th, 2019

Smartirrigation Apps: Urban Turf

AE499/AE499 by Haimanote K. Bayabil, K. W. Migliaccio, J. H. Debastiani Andreis, C. Fraisse, K. T. Morgan, and G. VellidisJanuary 2nd, 2020

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