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Bamboo Control

AG266/SS-AGR-75 by Jason Ferrell, Mark Czarnota, and Ken LangelandJanuary 7, 2019

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Bamboo Building Model Instructional Booklet

Tia SilvasyJuly 8th, 2022Learn how to build a mini bamboo building with these step by step instructions. Have fun building your mini bamboo model!

Considering bamboo? Know the risks before you plant

Raychel RabonJune 8th, 2022By Deah Lieurance, UF/IFAS CAIP affiliate faculty member Recently, interest has resurfaced in the possibility of growing bamboo in Florida as a biomass crop. Bamboo has been called “green gold” and “the world’s most amazing plant,” with uses ranging from structural materials to industrial products, fencing and even food. However, there are many uncertainties surrounding […]

Q: My neighbor’s bamboo is becoming a problem for my property. What can I do to keep it under control?

BLOGS.IFASJuly 18th, 2017A: You will only be able to manage those reeds popping up on your property unless you have your neighbor’s permission. If you are having a problem then your neighbor might be frustrated too. Working together would be ideal. It may be hard to believe but bamboo is really just a giant type of perennial […]

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