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Woody Ornamentals

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Crapemyrtle (Lagerstroemia species) has become a dominant landscape plant in North and Central Florida and throughout the South. Breeding programs over the last 30 years have produced superior forms with a wide range of plant sizes and habits; improved flowering, new flower colors, ornamental bark, ornamental foliage, and disease resistance; and increased vigor. See Crapemyrtle in Florida for an overview and history of the many types of crapemyrtle available.

Contrary to popular belief, crapemyrtles do not require much pruning. Remove any poorly placed limbs as needed, but avoid what is commonly known as "crape murder." Learn more about proper pruning techniques in Crapemyrtle Pruning.

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Eucalyptus is a diverse genus with over 700 species, most of which are native to Australia. Numerous Eucalyptus species and hybrid clones have been introduced in temperate climates throughout the world and grown as ornamental trees as well as for fuel and fiber. There is renewed interest in planting this fast-growing tree in the southeastern United States for mulch, pulpwood, and bio-energy.


Woody perennial plants without a well defined main stem


Galling Damage to Woody Ornamentals: Diagnosis and Potential Causes

IN1310/ENY-2055 by Adam Dale, Erin Harlow, Carrie Harmon, and Chris MarbleFebruary 22, 2021