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Behavior Change

Changes in behavior due to intervention or spontaneous occurrence.

Consumer Behavior

The predicted or observable activity or manner in which people make decisions regarding the procurement of goods or services; specifically, what, when, why, where, how often and from whom goods and services are bought.


The movement of an organism from its native area to a nonnative area. [NALT]

From the perspective of the country of arrival, the act of moving into a country other than one’s country of nationality or usual residence, so that the country of destination effectively becomes his or her new country of usual residence. [AGROVOC]

The Florida agricultural industry requires a continuous, economically feasible, and authorized workforce in order to sustain the state's economic growth. Employers today face increased scrutiny of their hiring practices to ensure national immigration policies are upheld. Employers of the agricultural industry and policymakers must work cooperatively when addressing immigration issues in order to maximize profitability for agricultural producers and promote sustainable communities with a viable workforce.


Factors which cause an organism to behave in response to physiological or psychological drives or external stimuli

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