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Behavior Change

Changes in behavior due to intervention or spontaneous occurrence.

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Tackling the Question of Change at The Global Nutrition Symposium

Livestock LabMarch 11th, 2024Mental models, systems thinking, and change agents were some of the big ideas circulating during the Global Nutrition Symposium on Thursday, February 8, 2024. The question, “Change is Possible – But How?” was the theme of this year’s event. Speakers showcased how to facilitate social and behavioral changes that are essential to achieve positive nutrition-related […]

A Shout Out for Milk

Livestock LabDecember 12th, 2022It turned out better than they planned. Instead of quietly spreading nutrition messages from household to household, community advocates amplified their voices through megaphones to reach the masses gathered at markets in Rwanda. “Gabura Amata Mubyeyi,” they said, which translated from Kinyarwanda means “Parents, Give Milk.” The advocates also shared other messages targeted at pregnant […]

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