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Biofuels and Biofuel Production

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Anaerobic Digester Systems

Livestock wastes can be important sources of nutrients for crops, but manure must be managed properly to prevent loss of nutrients to the environment. One method of stabilizing manure is anaerobic digestion, a microbe-mediated process carried out in the absence of oxygen that breaks down the complex organic compounds in the manure into simpler compounds. The process results in the production of renewable energy in the form of methane-rich biogas.


Biofuel: Concepts and Considerations

SS688/SL475 by Tanumoy Bera, Kanika S. Inglett, and Ann C. WilkieSeptember 18, 2020

Navigating the Non-Native Planting Rule: Permit Requirements for Large-Scale Plantings of Non-Native Species in Florida

AG454/SS-AGR-453by Deah Lieurance, Eric Rohrig, and Stephen EnloeJuly 29, 2021This fact sheet discusses why plantings of non-native plants are regulated, describes how plantings are regulated in Florida, and shows how the UF/IFAS Assessment of Non-Native Plants in Florida’s Natural Areas is critical to this process. Written by Deah Lieurance, Eric Rohrig, and Stephen Enloe, and published by the UF/IFAS Agronomy Department, June 2021.

United States Biofuel Policies: Overview and Discussion

FE974/FE974 by Zhengfei Guan and Juhyun OhDecember 18, 2018

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