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Blackberries in Florida may become even more nutritious in the future

Brad BuckApril 24th, 2024Blackberries are already known for their health benefits, and someday, they might provide even more antioxidants than the ones you buy now, say University of Florida researchers. UF/IFAS researchers are trying to breed and grow blackberries, which ripen in April, May and June in the Sunshine State. In a new study, scientists found metabolites that […]

The Beauty of Blackberries

Amanda QuintosMarch 24th, 2023Do you have a favorite fruit? Without a doubt, blackberries would be one of mine. Their sharp, sometimes bittersweet flavors and unique textures offer a cool and refreshing counterpoint to the infamous heat of the Florida summer. However, for all of my delight surrounding the return of blackberries, I know relatively little else about them. […]

MEDIA ALERT: Come to Florida Ag Expo; learn about hops, other emerging crops and artificial intelligence

Brad BuckOctober 27th, 2022WHAT: Tour a hops yard. Find out how artificial intelligence helps farmers. Discover how UF/IFAS will help growers use fewer nutrients. Find out how plant breeding can help growers avoid diseases – all at this year’s Florida Ag Expo. The Expo, one of the largest in the state, will highlight the latest in technology and […]

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