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The study of the origin, structure, development, growth, function, genetics, and reproduction of plants.

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Cultivating Curiosity: A New Plant Podcast

Alyssa VinsonMarch 7th, 2024Hours long commutes, appointments, meetings, kids, family obligations, mindless scrolling; all the ways that we inadvertently chip away at our finite resource of time. I often find myself seeking out those timeless moments, watching a cloud change shape, listening to the hum of bees visiting palm flowers, wondering at the fractal patterns in tree branches. […]

Ethnobotany at Boyd Hill Nature Preserve

Theresa BadurekDecember 22nd, 2023By Rebekah Heppner, Pinellas County Master Gardener Volunteer What the heck is Ethnobotany? Good question. Ethnobotany refers to the scientific study (like botany, get it?) of how people (that’s the ethno part) have traditionally used plants for medical, religious and practical purposes. And you can, too. We don’t suggest you cut down a bald cypress […]

Plant Identification & Weed Management

Yvette GoodielMay 21st, 2020Licensed pesticide applicators know the importance of identifying potential pest and disease issues before they apply any type of pesticide, including an herbicide. Pest identification is always the first step in Integrated Pest Management, one of the key principles of Florida-Friendly LandscapingTM. Why Plant ID is important Knowing the names of the plants in the […]

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