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Late summer in your Florida-Friendly landscape: A few quick tips

Anne YasalonisSeptember 2nd, 2023It’s the end of summer and it’s hot–and not just hot, but hot and humid!  Now is a good time to keep your garden activities to a minimum. If you work in your landscape addressing the few chores that might be necessary, always remember to STAY SAFE!  Work primarily in the morning or late afternoon […]

Greenhouse Guide for Educators

Anne YasalonisSeptember 1st, 2023Are you an educator interested in building and installing a greenhouse? Do you have a greenhouse but need age-appropriate curriculum? The Greenhouse Manual: An Introductory Guide for Educators from the United States Botanical Garden was adapted to use in Florida by UF/IFAS Extension. The manual contains information on installing a greenhouse, what to grow when, […]

Quick Tips on Hand-Weeding in Your Florida-Friendly Yard

Anne YasalonisJuly 14th, 2023The act of hand-weeding is often considered a dreaded chore, but gardeners take heart!  With just a few modifications and – perhaps – a slightly different mindset, you can make this chore less daunting and even enjoyable. Some tips: Don’t let your weeds get out of hand. In Florida, weeds appear during each season. The […]

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