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Citizen Science

Voluntary public participation in the scientific process, addressing real-world problems in ways that may include formulating research questions, conducting scientific experiments, collecting and analyzing data, interpreting results, making new discoveries, developing technologies and applications, for solving complex problems.

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Ana ZangronizApril 15th, 2024What has happened: There have been new developments with the Xeniid soft coral invasion in the Caribbean. The inspiration for my February 2023 original blog post was the confirmation of Unomia stolonifera in northern Cuba, which is quite close in proximity to Florida. Prior to being found in Cuba, Unomia had been confined to Venezuela, […]

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Lourdes MederosApril 4th, 2024Scientists need help from residents, and that is what Citizen Science Month is all about. This national observance, held nationally in April, highlights the importance of how consumers engage in science by partnering with scientists on a variety of projects that help monitor, count, identify and even make new discoveries. At the University of Florida […]