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What is County Events?

Kelsey IrvineFebruary 23rd, 2023Here in Nassau County our annual County Events is a big deal and happens in March. We know that the name “County Events” isn’t the most helpful when understanding what this key 4-H event is, so we hope this will answer your questions! County Events is an annual chance for 4-H members to show off […]

How your clothes are hurting the environment: a fast fashion story

Kassidy HouseNovember 18th, 2020What is Fast Fashion? Fast fashion happens when companies mimic trendy clothing styles at a cheap price for the public. However, the environmental cost of doing this is extraordinary. Why is it harmful? Water resources: To make clothes cheaply, companies use lower quality materials that worsen the durability of the article of clothing. Even though […]

Ironing Versus Pressing

Heather JanneyMay 28th, 2020The words pressing and ironing are often interchanged. However, these two terms are not equal when you speak with someone who sews. Ironing is what you do to remove wrinkles by sliding a hot iron back and forth. Pressing is the process of lifting and putting the iron down on a specific part of a […]

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