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UF/IFAS Extension Initiative 6: Community Resources and Economic Development

Challenges are abundant in Florida’s rural and urban areas. Florida Cooperative Extension’s Community Resource Development (CRD) program seeks to engage and empower communities to bring about change through economic development, capacity building, public policy education, and civic engagement.

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Community-Based Capacity Building

Florida’s residents, local governments, and communities face challenges such as land use and growth and the interface between rural/urban and incorporated/ unincorporated areas and climate change. 

Florida Extension programs focus on teaching alternative strategies that can be used to address these issues and to build leadership in our communities to direct developments.

Economic Development and Entrepreneurship

Economic conditions have increased attention on unemployment, underemployment, job loss, business loss, stagnant incomes, and other associated economic impacts throughout the state. Even in strong economic times, these issues are at the top of concerns expressed by Floridians. CRD programs help counties, cities, and individuals understand their local economies and assess the impacts of potential economic loss or development. Additionally, through the CRD program, Extension can aid individuals, entrepreneurs, local governments, existing businesses, and others with training for business start-ups, retention, and/or expansion.

Public Policies

Public policy is a course of action chosen by public authorities to solve a problem, address an issue. Public policy is expressed in the body of laws, regulations, policy frameworks, implemented through programmes and projects.



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