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UF/IFAS Extension Initiatives

UF/IFAS Extension Priority Initiatives help focus our educational programming and efforts. These pages allow users to navigate to Ask IFAS topics and publications through the initiatives and priorities that pertain to them. 

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UF/IFAS Extension Initiative 1: Agricultural and Horticultural Enterprises

Agriculture, horticulture, and related industries are vital components of Florida’s economy. It is imperative that our agricultural and horticultural producers continue to be economically and environmentally sustainable, as these enterprises provide the products that increase our quality of life and provide access to safe and nutritious food.

UF/IFAS Extension Initiative 2: Water Quality, Quantity, and Supply

Water plays a critical role in sustaining Florida’s environment and economic vitality, which are keys to a high quality of life. Florida must enhance and protect its domestic water supply while also meeting the water requirements of agriculture, horticulture, tourism, and industry, as well as the state’s 22.6 million inhabitants and its natural systems, all without placing undue pressure on a finite resource.

UF/IFAS Extension Initiative 3: Natural Resources and Environmental Quality

The natural environment is directly connected to tourism, sustainable community development, human health, and jobs. Natural resources must be conserved and enhanced to develop and support a strong local economy. For communities to flourish, Florida must actively manage finite natural resources and develop strategies to minimize environmental impacts.

UF/IFAS Extension Initiative 4: Sustainable Communities

Currently, our clientele come from a continuum of communities ranging from rural to metropolitan areas. Rapid growth in population centers has resulted in loss of land available for agriculture and natural resources. In order to create a balance between population centers, agricultural land and natural areas, Extension must help to plan and maintain sustainable urban and suburban communities.


UF/IFAS Extension Initiative 5: Empowering Individuals and Families

Well-functioning families are the foundation of healthy communities. These families protect and nurture their members while teaching their children how to become thriving and contributing members of society. Families vary in structure, age, income, and other characteristics. Strong families foster the health, well-being, and financial security of all Florida communities.

UF/IFAS Extension Initiative 6: Community Resources and Economic Development

Challenges are abundant in Florida’s rural and urban areas. Florida Cooperative Extension’s Community Resource Development (CRD) program seeks to engage and empower communities to bring about change through economic development, capacity building, public policy education, and civic engagement.

UF/IFAS Extension Initiative 7: 4-H Youth Development

Today’s youth are tomorrow’s citizens, consumers, parents, and leaders. Florida Cooperative Extension’s 4-H Youth Development Program offers age-appropriate, learn-by- doing educational opportunities that complement K–12 education to develop knowledge, life skills, and leadership abilities in Florida’s youth. These qualities empower youth to positively influence their communities and become contributing members of society.

UF/IFAS Extension Organizational Goals

Goal 1: Quality of Educational Delivery: Meet the relevant, identified needs of patrons and associates through evidence-based programs that utilize the best science available and a broad array of proven, effective learner-centered teaching strategies to advance agriculture, natural resources, youth and community-related sciences, and address Florida’s economic, social, and environmental issues.

Goal 2: Visibility and Engagement: Ensure Extension’s programming and products are broadly available to our clientele and actively engage new and existing audiences and partners.

Goal 3: Accountability and Impact: Produce positive, measurable changes in agriculture, natural resources, youth and community-related sciences, and on Florida’s economic, social, and environmental issues through impactful programs that are systematically monitored and evaluated.

Goal 4: Employee’s Professional Growth, Satisfaction, and Retention: Make Florida Cooperative Extension an organization recognized for having a highly trained, professional, committed, and satisfied workforce.


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