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10 Rules for Constructive Conflict

FY1276/FCS2314 by Victor William HarrisMarch 9, 2018

Rahim Organizational Conflict Inventory: Instrumentation and Application for Extension Professionals

WC445/AEC784by Christy Chiarelli, Anne Parrish, Megan Cantrell, and Matt BengeFebruary 13, 2024Conflict is inevitable in workplaces among people of all ages. Extension professionals have a unique position where in a single workday they may be engage with youth and volunteers, as well as colleagues and supervisors. Extension professionals may experience conflict with their stakeholders, volunteers, and supervisors; therefore, they must be able to understand conflict and conflict styles to navigate tense situations. The Rahim Organizational Conflict Inventory (ROCI) is an instrument that can be used to understand one’s interpersonal conflict management style. By having a strong understanding of conflict components and for utilizing the ROCI tool, Extension professionals can manage conflict well and reduce the likelihood of dysfunctional conflict destroying relationships, teams, and organizations.

Understanding Conflict in the Workplace

HR024/HR024 by Derek Farnsworth, Jennifer L. Clark, Julie Gatlin, Allen Wysocki, and Karl KepnerOctober 8, 2020

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