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UF/IFAS is a collaborating member of the Southern Fire Exchange. which strives to improve access to and usefulness of southern fire science information. SFE Publication and Fact Sheets cover the following topics: Fire Ecology and Effects, Fire Science Information, Programs and Resources, Prescribed Fire, Public Education, Smoke Management, Air Quality and Weather, and Wildfire.

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Prescribed burning

Planned use of carefully controlled fire to achieve predetermined management goals, such as wildlife management, fire hazard reduction, etc.


Florida Agritourism Building and Fire Codes

WC349/AEC686 by Mary Beth Henry and Kathryn A. StoferJanuary 22, 2020

Pesticide Emergencies: Fires and Spills

PI258/PI258 by Frederick M. FishelOctober 4, 2018This document discusses emergencies which involve pesticide fires and spills.

Pesticide Fires

PI223/PI223 by Frederick M. FishelApril 2, 2019

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