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Bottling, Labeling, and Selling Honey in Florida

IN918/ENY-159 by Amy Vu, Jennifer Hagen, Nancy Gentry, James D. Ellis, and Mary BammerFebruary 21, 2022The intended audience is Florida beekeepers of all operation sizes from small scale to commercial. There are 5,000 registered beekeepers in the state, managing almost 700,000 colonies. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services have updated their rules and regulations related to honey production and what falls under the "Cottage Food Law." This publication provides beekeepers with Florida’s updates, so they will be able to sell honey legally under this law.

Honey and Its Uses

AA154/ENY102 by Malcolm T. SanfordApril 4, 2019

Infant Botulism and Honey

AA142/ENY-128 by Malcolm T. Sanford, Eddie Atkinson, Jeanette Klopchin, and Jamie R. EllisApril 4, 2019

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