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Honey bees are known to be the strongest link in the chain between food producers and consumers. They contribute nearly $20 billion to the crop industry by providing pollination services all over the United States, and Florida's honey industry is ranked among the top five in the nation. There are nearly 5,000 registered beekeepers in the state of Florida, managing approximately 630,000 colonies. Unfortunately, high colony loss rates of honey bees have been reported throughout the world. Stressors, such as Varroa destructor, queen quality, and nutrition are just some of the reported factors associated with this decline. Researchers have been working to identify best management practices to mitigate these losses. All recommendations in these publications are based on scientific literature about honey bees in Florida and around the world. 

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Luis Rodriguez RosadoSeptember 14th, 2023Las abejas melíferas (“honey bees”) son de suma importancia para la agricultura. El 85% de todos los cultivos que consumimos son polinizados por las abejas melíferas. Existe mucha curiosidad por las abejas de parte del público general y cada vez hay mayor preocupación por el medio ambiente y la sustentabilidad de los sistemas de alimentación […]

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