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Set of practices that help to maintain health and prevent the spread of diseases.

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Pesticide Safety Miniposter: Daily Personal Care

IN956/ENY-917 by R. W. Baldwin, S. K. Hill, Philip Koehler, J. C. Medley, and W. WalkerSeptember 25, 2018

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A clean sweep to improve meat safety in Ethiopia

Livestock LabDecember 22nd, 2022On day three of a workshop, participants (from butchers’ associations, abattoirs, and government) witnessed the slaughter of two steers at the Mana Qalmaa Kristaana abattoir in Adama, Ethiopia. They viewed the entire process and discussed it with workers and the inspector. Next, they visited a butcher, and several participants took the initiative to discuss concerns […]

Protect Yourself and Prevent the Spread of Germs and Viruses

mmaddoxMarch 19th, 2020Proper Handwashing Can Reduce the Number of Harmful Microorganisms on Your Hands Handwashing is one of the best ways to protect ourselves and families from getting sick. Germs are everywhere so you need to wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds to reduce the number of harmful microorganisms on […]

Proper hand washing hygiene resources (corona virus COVID-19)

Ken GioeliMarch 13th, 2020UF/IFAS Extension has hand washing posters available for download: Proper Hand Washing for School Children (1.38MB PDF) Proper Hand Washing for Elders (1.22MB PDF) Proper Hand Washing for Caregivers (1.38MB PDF) Proper Hand Washing for Food Handlers (1.22 MB PDF)

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