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Pesticide Safety Miniposter: Daily Personal Care

R. W. Baldwin, S. K. Hill, Philip Koehler, J. C. Medley, and W. Walker


Figure 1. Preview image of ENY-917/IN956
Figure 1.  Preview image of ENY-917/IN956



Anyone applying pesticides should be aware of the importance of preventing pesticide exposure to themselves, their families, and their pets by following a few personal care procedures each day. The information and video links (QR codes) on the Daily Personal Care poster provide technicians with examples of areas that are commonly contaminated by pesticides. The poster explains methods for the decontamination of vehicles, application equipment, personal items like cell phones, and clothing.

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Publication #ENY-917

Date:September 25th, 2018

  • Critical Issue: Agricultural and Food Systems

Use pesticides safely. Read and follow directions on the manufacturer's label.

Fact Sheet


  • Rebecca Baldwin