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Data in a context which gives it meaning; any statement or estimate of fact or opinion, regardless of form or format ... includes data, text, spreadsheets, graphics, pictures, voice and video. [NALT]

The aggregation of data to make coherent observations about the world, meaningful data, or data arranged or interpreted in a way to provide meaning.[AGROVOC]

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Information Systems

Any written, electronic, or graphical method of communicating information. The basis of an information system is the sharing and processing of information and ideas. Computers and telecommunication technologies have become essential information system components.

Visual Aids

Information presented in a visual form, such as posters, pictures, maps, charts, digital images, etc. in order to convey ideas or concepts.


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Samantha MurrayJanuary 12th, 2021Normally, University of Florida scientists such as Harry Klee gauge the taste and aroma of their new tomatoes by letting volunteers test them at the UF Sensory Lab in Gainesville. But now, people from across the globe who grow tomatoes in their gardens can serve as citizen scientists and send flavor and growing data to […]

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