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The rules and organizing principles gleaned from aggregated data. The internalized or understood information that can be used to make decisions

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UF study: About half of Florida residents are not aware of local water restrictions

Brad BuckFebruary 28th, 2024Half of Florida residents don’t know about their local water restrictions, but those who are aware can be persuaded to abide by them, new University of Florida research shows. Water restrictions can be set by cities, counties and the state’s water management districts. But if homeowners don’t know the local or regional rules, it’s logical […]

UF research: Norms, not knowledge, drive irrigation habits

Brad BuckJuly 11th, 2022Norms beat knowledge when it comes to irrigating homeowners’ lawns, new University of Florida research shows. For example, science tells us that if you replace at least one-third of the irrigated area of your yard or landscape with non-irrigated beds, you could save an average of 50,000 gallons of water per year. But homeowners take […]

Poinsettia Fun Facts

Carolyn SaftDecember 12th, 2017Test Your Knowledge on Poinsettia Plant Fun Facts Which of the statements below are true or false about poinsettia plants? 1. National Poinsettia Day is December 12th. 2. Florida has a native poinsettia plant, Euphorbia heterophylla. 3. The Poinsettia plant is poisonous if ingested. 4. The Aztecs used the poinsettia leaves to dye fabric and […]

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