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The design and installation of plant materials (including turf) and architectural elements. [NALT]

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Florida-Friendly Landscaping Program

Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ (FFL) means using low-maintenance plants and environmentally sustainable practices. Learn how you can have a beautiful landscape that could save you time, energy and money while protecting our future. See the Florida Friendly Landscaping™ program website for training, contact information and more information about the program.


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Plants at Their Peak: Valentine Blossoms, Red Kapok Trees!

Forest HeckerFebruary 14th, 2024Around Valentine’s Day in tropical regions around the world, nature offers a breathtaking spectacle in the form of the Red Kapok tree (scientifically known as Bombax ceiba) exploding into vibrant springtime blooms. This majestic tree, nonnative but Florida-Friendly, has a towering presence and is cultural significance. One of the largest trees that can grow in […]

Winter Pruning Maintenance: Tips for a Healthy Landscape

Michael J. MasucciFebruary 8th, 2024The Importance of Winter Pruning: Welcome to the end months of winter, where the chill in the air signals not only a change in the weather but also a crucial time for winter maintenance in your landscape. One of the key practices for ensuring a healthy and vibrant garden is winter pruning. In this blog […]

Plants at Their Peak: Valentine Blossoms, Pink Trumpet Trees!

Forest HeckerFebruary 8th, 2024As Valentine’s Day approaches, Southern Florida prepares for a breathtaking spectacle of pink: the blooming of Handroanthus impetiginosus, commonly known as the Pink Trumpet Tree or a Pink Tabebuia. Despite being nonnative, this stunning tree has integrated itself into being a staple of our urban landscape, showcasing its vibrant floral display during our peak tourism […]

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