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Get Sandspur BEFORE They Get You!

Barbara L. EdmondsJanuary 7th, 2024Is dolomite or lime effective in controlling sandspur? I’ve heard sandspur won’t grow if we sweeten the soil. According to UF specialist and Extension agents, attempts to kill sandspur by liming or using dolomite is not effective. Additionally, unless a soil analysis calls for it, application of lime could contribute to decline of your warm season […]

There’s a Mosquito Season in Florida?

Barbara L. EdmondsJuly 11th, 2023From coast to sandhill, pasture to homestead, dozens of mosquito species breed around Florida homes and neighborhoods. Mosquitoes ease through life in one of four forms – egg, larvae, pupae, or adult. As bloodsucking adults, some are pests, while others can transmit pathogens that cause disease in humans, companion animals, and livestock. Unlocking the mosquito […]

4-H Members Shine at County Events

jessicasemersonJanuary 18th, 2023Dedicated Levy County 4-H members made their way to showcase their skills and talents during the 2023 County Events program at the UF/IFAS Extension office on Saturday, January 14th despite the cold weather. County Events is a great way for members to share their 4-H project through public speaking, demonstrations and illustrated talks. Members can […]

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