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Soil Management

Good management of soils assures that mineral elements do not become deficient or toxic to plants, and that appropriate mineral elements enter the food chain.


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Any substance spread or allowed to remain on the soil surface to conserve soil moisture and shield soil particles from the erosive forces of raindrops and runoff. - NALT

Layer of organic material (e.g. crop residues) used to cover the soil in order to conserve moisture, suppress weeds and recycle soil nutrients. - AGROVOC

Nutrient Management

Nutrient management is the science and practice directed to link soil, crop, weather, and hydrologic factors with cultural, irrigation, and soil and water conservation practices to achieve optimal nutrient use efficiency, crop yields, crop quality, and economic returns, while reducing off-site transport of nutrients (fertilizer) that may impact the environment.



Alternate terms: soil cultivation, soil tillage, tilling

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