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Scientists urgently seek Florida residents to report nonnative lizards as early detection prevents invasive spread

Lourdes MederosFebruary 14th, 2023The brown basilisk, a nonnative lizard, is gaining ground across South Florida, and University of Florida scientists need more data to determine its status and potential impacts. Wildlife specialists with the UF Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) depend on geographic information to determine this lizard’s potential impacts on the environment, wildlife and human […]

Latest non-native lizard to expand in Florida, UF/IFAS scientists warn

Samantha MurrayDecember 8th, 2020Palm trees, beaches and lizards are all common to Florida’s landscape, but did you know not all lizards are native? In fact, University of Florida researchers tell us that there are three times the number of lizards in the Sunshine State that do not belong here naturally and are impacting various ecosystems and communities. Peters’s […]

Landscaping for Lizards

Wayne HobbsJuly 10th, 2018Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated by lizards and other reptiles, but growing up in the Northeast my sightings were pretty rare. However, in Florida we are blessed (and sometimes cursed when you think of the invasive species) with an abundance of lizards in our backyards that can be an amazing […]

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