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Making Decisions

Cooperative Extension aims at providing science-based information to help various clientele groups make better decisions. EDIS publications here include basic introductions to decisionmaking using force-field analysis and an economic approach to valuing information; strategies for making financial decisions as a family or resolving ethical issues within a coalition; and 4-H curricula for developing decision-making skills in youth.

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Coping with a Money Crunch: Family Cooperation

FY227/FCS7005 by Contact Author: Martie Gillen, PhDDecember 17th, 2018

Ethical Issues in Building and Maintaining Coalitions: A 10-Step Decision-Making Model for Choosing between Right and Right

FY664/FCS9203 by Martie Gillen, Carolyn S. Wilken, and Katey WalkerDecember 17th, 2018