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Making Decisions

Cooperative Extension aims at providing science-based information to help various clientele groups make better decisions. EDIS publications here include basic introductions to decisionmaking using force-field analysis and an economic approach to valuing information; strategies for making financial decisions as a family or resolving ethical issues within a coalition; and 4-H curricula for developing decision-making skills in youth.

Narrower Topics

Decision Support Systems

A computer-based system that enables management to interrogate the computer system on an ad hoc basis for various kinds of information on the organization and to predict the effect of potential decisions beforehand. Abbreviated DSS. [AGROVOC]


Coping with a Money Crunch: Family Cooperation

FY227/FCS7005 by Contact Author: Martie Gillen, PhDDecember 18, 2018

Ethical Issues in Building and Maintaining Coalitions: A 10-Step Decision-Making Model for Choosing between Right and Right

FY664/FCS9203 by Martie Gillen, Carolyn S. Wilken, and Katey WalkerDecember 18, 2018