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Martin County

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Martin County, Florida Food System Study

FE1071/FE1071 by Yvette Goodiel, William A. Messina, Jr., Lisa House, and Carol RobertsApril 30th, 2023Martin County, Florida has a rich agricultural history with farming and cattle ranching being important economic drivers since the early 1930s. Nevertheless, the county struggles to meet the balance between food supply and demand. Farmers often face challenges finding sizable, secure, well-paying markets, and the most consumers do not participate in local food transactions. This article summarizes two studies conducted to examine agricultural production in Martin County and its food processing, distribution and marketing systems and infrastructure to better identify potential constraints and opportunities for the local food system.

Recommended Native Landscape Plants for Florida's Treasure Coast

EP348/ENH1082 by Sandra B. Wilson, Judith A. Gersony, Keona L. Nolan, Janice C. Broda, and Edward A. Skvarch, Jr.January 7th, 2021

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