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Mental Health

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Relieving Stress with Creativity Therapy

Hillary AyersMay 17th, 2024Have you ever heard of creativity therapy? Creativity therapy is the use of drawing, painting, writing, sculpting, or playing music as a form of stress relief. It is similar to art therapy, but creativity therapy is a more general term for using creativity on your own to help relieve your own stress. Similar to meditation, […]

The Value of Community Gardens: Mental Health Impact

Julia SirchiaMay 16th, 2024What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about community gardens? You may be picturing a patch of land dedicated to growing fruits and veggies collaboratively, or a collection of individual plots. And you would be correct. But if you take a closer look, you’ll see much more than plants, these […]

What is Mental Health ?

Morgan RothMay 9th, 2024Written By Angelika Keene, Community Development Agent May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and since the pandemic, a lot more people, organizations, etc., have been starting to have conversations about mental health. But what is mental health, what are the barriers to it, and what can we do to improve it? According to the World […]

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