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Stress Management

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How Happiness Impacts Health

MorganMarch 14th, 2023Authored by Angelika Keene & Hailey Peirce We all have an innate sense of what happiness is. Happiness is a universal feeling that we all desire to have. But did you know that happiness has been shown to actually impact various aspects of health? Read on to learn more about what happiness is, how it […]

Healthier ways to cope with stress

Samantha KennedyMarch 28th, 2022“Stressed is just desserts spelled backwards.” When I was younger, I took this saying to heart. If I was stressed, I reached for the sweets. That instant rush of sugar to my brain provided a feeling of happiness and contentment. But it was only temporary. Once the sugar high wore off, I went back to […]

Stress Free Holiday Meal

mmaddoxDecember 7th, 2020Planning the perfect holiday dinner can be stressful if you are not sure how much to buy. Before you go to the store take a few minutes to make your shopping list considering the following: holiday menu, number of quests, items, and amounts you need to prepare the recipes for your holiday meal. Here are […]