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When and How to Protect Ornamental Plants in Miami-Dade County During Winter

Qingchun LiuOctober 13th, 2023Qingchun Liu, Teresa Olczyk, and Jianjun Chen Miami-Dade County is the top producer of ornamental crops in Florida, with a total value of around 700 million in 2017. Most ornamental crops are subtropical and tropical in origin and sensitive to temperatures below 50 °F (10 °C), particularly to temperatures near freezing points during winter months. […]

Oriental Fruit Fly Eradication

Samantha MurrayFebruary 29th, 2016With the recent good news of the oriental fruit fly eradication in Miami-Dade County,1 now is a good time to reflect on why this pest is such a threat to agriculture and the successful efforts to keep it out of Florida. Though the name “fruit fly” may make you think of those tiny flies often […]

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