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Your Passport to Mushroom Identification: The Mushroom Journal

Rolando NegronJanuary 2nd, 2024Enter a realm of exploration into the ever-wonderful world of fungi as the UF/IFAS Bookstore presents its most recent captivating publication, the Mushroom Journal. Mushroom Marvels Explore the enduring allure of mushrooms, those magical entities that appear overnight, donning fantastical shapes and colors. Florida, with its diverse ecosystems, hosts hundreds of species in natural areas […]

Does Florida have a mushroom season? And other fungi facts from a UF expert

Kirsten Romaguera RabinOctober 13th, 2023The temperatures have started to take a turn for the cooler throughout much of Florida, but does that mean conditions are no longer ripe for mushrooms and other fungi to  grow? Not so fast, says Matthew Smith, a University of Florida fungi expert. “Florida has two ‘seasons’ of different fungi, at least,” said Smith, a […]

There is Mush Below our Feet: Common Landscape Mushrooms

Alyssa VinsonMarch 3rd, 2023As if by magic, overnight, tucked neatly beneath a cap of mulch, or peaking deftly between blades of grass, mushrooms appear in all shapes, sizes, and colors imaginable. What we observe, recognized as mushrooms, are the reproductive spore producing structures of a larger complex fungal organism called mycelium. All fungi exist either beneficially, as primary, […]

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