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Plant Pathology


The department is recognized as a national and international leader in many areas of plant pathology. The research programs focus on diseases caused by fastidious microorganisms, bacteria, fungi, and whitefly- and aphid-transmitted viruses. We are known for our research on diseases of diverse crops including citrus; vegetables such as tomato, pepper and cucurbits; ornamentals including foliage plants and flowering and woody ornamentals; field crops including soybean, peanut and sugarcane; and tropical fruits. Our strengths also include expertise in epidemiology, molecular biology of host-parasite interactions, biological control, and post-harvest diseases. Our faculty has also been very active in international programs as evidenced by the many collaborative efforts in Florida and outside the U.S.
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  • Rosemary Loria - Editor, Chair, Approver
  • Paul Roberts - ICS Editor


Blueberry Advisory System: A Disease Alert System for Blueberry Anthracnose Fruit Rot

Critical Issue: Agricultural and Food Systems

The weather conditions favoring Blueberry anthracnose fruit rot disease incidence and development can be difficult to predict, and it can significantly impact yield under conducive weather patterns. For that reason, the authors of this new 6-page publication of the UF/IFAS Plant Pathology Department developed and validated a web-based disease alert system for blueberry AFR, the Blueberry Advisory System (BAS), to help blueberry growers in Florida identify weather conditions favorable for the disease and improve disease management. Written by André B. Gama, Douglas A. Phillips, Vinícius A. Cerbaro, Phillip F. Harmon, Clyde W. Fraisse, and Natalia A. Peres.
Released On: 08-10-2022

Introducing a Fusarium Wilt Risk Calculator Tool for Watermelon Growers in Florida

Critical Issue: Agricultural and Food Systems

Fusarium wilt of watermelon, caused by the fungus Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. niveum, is a threat to watermelon production in Florida. While a number of management options are available, numerous factors influence which management strategies are feasible for growers. This new 4-page publication of the UF/IFAS Plant Pathology Department introduces a tool that calculates the estimated risk of Fusarium wilt based on potential management strategies and environmental factors. This tool is intended for use by watermelon growers in Florida and should be helpful in advising them on management decisions. Written by Matthew Cullen, Daniel Perondi, Clyde Fraisse, and Nicholas Dufault.
Released On: 05-31-2022

Pepper Stip: An Abiotic Disorder of Unknown Cause Affecting Pepper Fruit

Critical Issue: Agricultural and Food Systems

Pepper stip (meaning speck in German), also referred to as color speck or colour spotting outside the US, is considered a physiological disorder of pepper. The disorder is believed to be related to high calcium status with levels of NH3-N and K playing a role. This 3-page factsheet of the UF/IFAS Plant Pathology Department summarizes known symptoms, causes, and potential environmental stressors that may result in stip development on peppers. Written by Camille McAvoy and Pamela Roberts.
Released On: 08-23-2021

Bacterial Spot of Pepper

Critical Issue: Agricultural and Food Systems

Released On: 02-03-2021

Bacterial Blight of Ficus elastica Caused by Xanthomonas

Critical Issue: Agricultural and Food Systems

Released On: 01-13-2021