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A Little Datil Do Ya

Taylor Clem, PhDJune 15th, 2024Parrot Heads & Gardening One major commonality between my early childhood growing up outside Cincinnati and living in northeast Florida for almost 25 years – Parrot Heads. As a Jimmy Buffet fan and gardener, there is one song I have slightly changed the lyrics to because of its connection to Northeast Florida Gardeners. Alongside songs […]

The Unseen Landscape

Taylor Clem, PhDMay 17th, 2024Landscapes – More Than Meets the Eye Landscapes come in many forms, textures, colors, sizes, etc. How we view and understand our landscapes is influenced by our individual preferences and perceptions. When looking at our landscapes or gardens, we know what we like and what we do not like – our preferences. But have you […]

UF/IFAS Extension Nassau County – UPCOMING PROGRAMS, May 2024

Taylor Clem, PhDMay 3rd, 2024Letter from the Director Dear Nassau County Residents, April celebrated National Volunteer Month. Extension offices across the country are dependent upon our volunteers. Volunteers allow extension offices to expand their outreach by bringing science-based recommendations into our community by supporting the county extension agents. Our volunteers primarily include 4-H Youth Development, Master Gardener, and Money […]

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