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Agricultural ‘quarantine’ explained, with two Florida counties under such orders

Kirsten Romaguera RabinJuly 11th, 2022Two Florida counties were put under quarantine in recent weeks, but this has nothing to do with COVID-19. An agricultural quarantine is intended to prevent the spread of invasive species, but the protocols are unrelated to restrictions put in place for human disease containment. In the most recent cases, the discoveries of the Oriental fruit […]

Florida-Friendly Landscaping™: Join us as we celebrate Water Conservation Month!

Melissa WestApril 8th, 2022Join us as we celebrate Water Conservation Month! By Doris Heitzmann, Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ Program Manager. April and May are typically the driest months of the year in Central Florida. Making this the perfect time to reflect on our water use and how we can contribute to protecting our most precious resource. There are many opportunities […]

On and off the job, UF/IFAS educator gives back to community through healthy food

Samantha MurrayFebruary 17th, 2022Donna Sagan-Hortz is a nutrition educator in the UF/IFAS Extension Family Nutrition Program (FNP) and a certified food protection manager in Pinellas County, where she teaches residents how to prepare healthy meals on a budget. A trained chef with decades of experience in the food service industry, Donna helps her fellow FNP educators with their […]

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