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Pollinator: animal that moves compatible pollen to a receptive stigma of the same plant species, such that fertilization and seed production can occur.

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The Great Southeast Pollinator Census

Jackie LebouitzJuly 19th, 2024The Great Southeast Pollinator Census This year will be the first year Florida will be participating in the Great Southeast Pollinator Census (GSEPC). Created by the University of Georgia Extension Services in 2019, the citizen science project has three major goals outlined by its initial creators. To create sustainable pollinator habitat by educating gardeners about […]

Zoe’s Mission: A Journey Through the Eyes of Butterflies and Pollinators

Rolando NegronJuly 9th, 2024Step into the enchanting world of “Zoe’s Mission,” a delightful children’s book that takes you on an adventurous journey with Zoe, a Zebra Longwing butterfly. Authored by the late Rebecca Jordi, former UF/IFAS Extension Nassau County Director, this captivating story aims to both educate and inspire young readers. Follow Zoe as she embarks on a quest […]

Video: Mimosa as a Lawn Companion Plant

Beth BollesJuly 3rd, 2024The native Powderpuff mimosa, Mimosa strigillosa, has potential as a turf companion in the North Florida landscape. Learn about the growth of this plant to determine if you want to add it as a groundcover or companion plant in your yard. UF IFAS Extension Escambia County.

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