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Snake Watch 1st Quarter Report; 2024

Rick O'ConnorApril 17th, 2024The Snake Watch Project is one that is helping residents in the Pensacola Bay area better understand which species of snakes are most encountered, where they are encountered, and what time of year.  The project began in 2022 and over the last two years between 50-60% of the 40 species/subspecies of snakes known in the […]

New Episode From Naturally Florida Podcast – “Florida’s Venomous Snakes”

Lara MilliganFebruary 12th, 2024How do you feel about snakes? Not a fan? Well, while we believe snakes are friends, not foes, we recognize it may be comforting to know that the vast majority of snakes in Florida are non-venomous and largely cannot hurt you or your family. On today’s episode, we go on a deep dive about Florida’s […]

2023 Pensacola Bay Snake Watch Annual Report

Rick O'ConnorDecember 14th, 2023I began this project in 2022 wanting to know which of the 40 species of snakes known to inhabit the Pensacola Bay area were encountered by people.  I also wanted to know where they were encountering them and what time of year.  This information would be used in my Living with Snakes program and provide […]