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The industry that provides local entertainment, accommodation, transportation, catering and other services to visitors and travelers.

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Recreational Waters

Recreational waters are considered to be any natural fresh, marine or estuarine bodies of water that are used for recreation.


Economic Value of Florida Water Resources: Contributions of Tourism and Recreation to the Economy

FE1065/FE1065 by Tatiana Borisova, Kurt Oehlbeck, Xiang Bi, Tara Wade, Alan Hodges, Kelly Grogan, and Fe HeiJuly 16, 2020

Economic Value of Florida Water Resources: Value of Freshwater-Based Recreational Experiences

FE1067/FE1067 by Tatiana Borisova, Tara Wade, Xiang Bi, Kurt Oehlbeck, and Kelly GroganFebruary 7, 2020

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