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Any of numerous winged hymenopterous insects of social as well as solitary habits and having formidable stings.



Wasps and Bees

IN021/SP122 by P. G. Koehler and J. L. CastnerFebruary 14th, 2022A UF/IFAS numbered Fact Sheet for General Public audience(s).

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Bees and Wasps: What to know and when to be concerned

Anne YasalonisNovember 4th, 2020There has been a lot of publicity surrounding the Asian giant hornet in the United States, but as of today, the hornets (Vespa mandarinia) have only been found in Washington state. Of course, insects can be transported across state lines and it is always a good idea to watch and observe insects you find in […]

Stinging Wasps Active After Storms

Beth BollesOctober 23rd, 2018As Hurricane Michael was barreling through the Panhandle region, wasp populations were at their highest of the year. Winds and flooding destroyed many of the nests of paper wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets and now wasps may be aggressive as they defend themselves or remnants of their nests. All are capable of multiple stings that […]

The Buzz on Pollinators

Lara MilliganJune 20th, 2017We all know pollinators are very important for the production of our food. Bees pollinate the cherry trees, and then the trees produce cherries. Same with apples, oranges, bananas and so on. But did you know that almost all flowering plants need pollinators to reproduce? The imported European Honey Bee (Apis melifera) is a hard-working […]

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