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Material, often unusable, left over from any manufacturing, industrial, agricultural or other human processes.

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Anaerobic Digester Systems

Livestock wastes can be important sources of nutrients for crops, but manure must be managed properly to prevent loss of nutrients to the environment. One method of stabilizing manure is anaerobic digestion, a microbe-mediated process carried out in the absence of oxygen that breaks down the complex organic compounds in the manure into simpler compounds. The process results in the production of renewable energy in the form of methane-rich biogas.

Animal Manure

Manure produced by housed livestock. Usually a mixture of faeces and urine with or without bedding material, depending on the type of animal housing system.


How to Manage Yard Wastes to Protect Surface Water Resources

SS722/SL509by Mary G. LuskOctober 4, 2023Several of the Florida-Friendly Landscaping(TM) (FFL) principles provide guidance on how to reduce the amount of nutrients applied to and mobilized from urban landscapes to water resources. Principle # 7: Recycle Yard Waste and Principle # 9: Protect the Waterfront are two examples from this program that can be important steps towards protecting Florida’s water. The purpose of this publication is to provide guidance on specific actions that you can take to help reduce nutrient inputs to our water, with a focus on the FFL Principles  # 7 and # 9. This publication is intended primarily for urban residents who manage their own landscapes and may also be used by landscaping professionals, homeowner’s associations, and municipal decision makers.

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